Renew & Relax! 

1. You just finished training your roommates! They've successfully learned to do their dishes, get their shoes out of the way, and leave the remote control on the table where you can find it. Now you've got new roommates and you have to start ALL over! You wonder to yourself what kind of treats this new roommate can be swayed with...


2. Craiglist may truly be the creepiest place in the world to find a roommate. Everybody can be normal when they describe themselves in four sentences...


3. IKEA furniture is evil. Somehow you managed to decipher the hieroglyphics that came with the bookcase that folds into a bed. You also, however, forgot that you'll need to take this monster apart one day to move it...You secretly wonder how much a sledge hammer costs to rent. 


4. Paper cuts are for amateurs, you've moved on to cardboard cuts and you now need to invest in a steam cleaner to fix the carpet that is now stained red. 


5. ALL of your friends are busy at the same time! You've planned, everything is set and with your closest five friends you can have this done in no time, right? Wrong. Of your closest five friends, two of them have just come down with a 24 hour virus you've never heard of, 1 of them forgot about a term paper they have to finish for a class they never took and the other two dropped their phones in the exact same pool...

Long story made short, moving is over rated. We love having you here! Renew your lease today, prop your feet up on YOUR coffee table and enjoy the thought that the only thing you have to do is come up with a good excuse as to why you can't help your friends move this semester! 

Keeping your New Year’s Resolution just became

a LOT easier!

The most popular New Year’s Resolutions always seem to fall into the same categories: fitness (go to the gym), health (lay off the pizza & beer) and money (stop spending so much money on pizza & beer). Day 1 starts strong – you hit the elliptical at the gym and you enjoy the world’s worst protein shake to show your resolve, because this year is going to be different! You get back into the groove as classes start and your love/hate relationship with the snooze button blossoms once more. You’re almost through your first week of the new-you. You’re tired from early mornings and the thought of another protein shake is enough to halt the process altogether. But wait, your old friend The Weekend is finally here! And with him, he’s brought the rest of the gang – parties, beer and junk food!

Just like that, your New Year’s Resolution and the “new you” are in serious jeopardy of being filed into the “maybe next year” folder that keeps getting larger and dustier. You are right though, this year is going to be different! There are few simple steps you can take to drastically increase your odds of not just completing your resolution, but actually ENJOYING the process! 


1. Write your goals down - it sounds simple, but you'll be amazed at how much clearer you are able to make your goals when you take the time to write them down. Be specific with what you want and it will make planning much easier to manage. Keep this in some place where you can see it often. Out of sight usually means out of mind, so if you keep it in front of you, you are that much more likely to accomplish your goals!


2. Break each goal down - trying to accomplish your resolution all at once can be a very intimidating idea. You wouldn't go out and run a marathon without working your way up to it, so don't take your New Year's Resolution that way. Outline the smaller steps that it's going to take to get to your goal and you'll be able to reward yourself along the way by checking off those smaller accomplishments! 


3. Track your progress - take time each week to jot down what you've done in service of your goals. It's easy to be hard on yourself, especially when trying to accomplish something new. You'll be able to look back over your notes throughout the year and see, in your own writing, what you've been able to accomplish. 


As it is with just about anything these days, if you need a little extra help there's always an app for that! Here's the top 8 apps to help get you to your goals in 2015 - Top 8!